A few new features have been added to Turbo Cross since the initial release, for customers who do not have them just download this patch.

Windows Vista Compatibility: Click here for further details

When the update program runs it will install any updated files to the appropriate location.

If, after downloading the patch you find the problems are still there, please get in contact with us - we may not be aware of the problem.

Turbo Cross Updates:

tc21m.exe - Turbo Cross 2004 update - 4.37 MB - Only suitable for Turbo Cross 2004 users


Original Turbo Cross Update

Note: If upgrading from 1.0f  or below to 1.1 or higher then the update may require additional files. For this reason two updates are available - the larger update contains all updated files.

turbocu.exe (1346Kb) - Turbo Cross update - version 1.1w - for users with version 1.1

tcupdate.exe (2942Kb) - Turbo Cross update - version 1.1w - for users with version 1.0 

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