Want to try Turbo Cross?
A special version of Easy Cross, which, in addition to doing cross stitch and blackwork, can also export files suitable for your sewing machine.
When compared to other machine embroidery software (with a wider set of features), this makes it an affordable alternative if all you want to do is machined cross stitch!
You can download a trial version below. The trial version does not allow you to save or export your own work, but it does come shipped with some sample charts so that you can try the ‘export to machine’ option for yourself.

Here are some of the samples you can expect to see:

A stylised Stonehenge from an imported clipart picture!


Dithering gave this dino a textured look.


Download the manual here:

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Download a demo version here:


If you have Vista or Windows 7, and want to use ‘Help’, you will need to use THIS LINK to install the WinHlp32.Exe program.