Easy Lace

The economical lace design program.
No need to mess about with graph paper and pencils..Easy Lace does it all !

Suitable for all version of Windows from Windows 98 to Windows 7
Pasted Graphic

A design can be built up by selecting different stitch types and placing them on the grid.
Huge range of design styles, including : Lace Pins, Cloth Stitch Pins, Gimp, Fan, Rose Ground, Honeycomb, Spider, Leaf, Tally, Single Pin Line, Double Pin Line and Double Pin Line With Gimp

Work in plain black, or in a variety of colours.
Print, print preview, copy , paste, rotate, etc with ease!
Even the angle of the grid can be altered.

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Download a demo version here:


If you have Vista or Windows 7, and want to use ‘Help’, you will need to use THIS LINK to install the WinHlp32.Exe program.

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Stitch Types - Leaf, Rose Ground, Tally, Spider, Fan, Gimp and Pin Lines.
Grid Types - Circular, Elliptical, 6 Section Hexagon, Corner, Rectangular and Pointed Bookmark.
Create Corner Design - Convert a straight design into a corner.
Flexible Grid Angle - Ability to create a grid at any angle, ideal for Bedfordshire and Torchon Lace.
Changing Grid Angle - Change angle of grid whilst designing and the elements will adjust automatically.
Layers - A design can be built up using up to 16 layers, there is the ability to control which layers are displayed or printed at any one time.
Colouring layers - The colours of the layers can be changed, for example all the stitches on layer 1 can be changed to blue, all on layer 2 displayed as normal and all on layer 3 made invisible.
Stitch Colours - The colours of the stitches can be altered to make them stand out. All the stitches on a layer can be coloured, or all stitches of the same type can be coloured. For example all spiders in the design could be set to green, rose grounds to blue and the pins on layer 1 only to red. Different stitch types can be made invisible on an individual layer or all layers together.
Copying - Copy from one type of grid to another and the program will automatically compensate for the angle & orientation.
Corner - Mirror patterns at 45° to form corners.
Pin Line - Double Line and Double Line with Gimp is ideal for Honiton Lace.
Pin Line Settings - The spacing along or across the line can be set as well as style for Double Pin Lines.
Browse Option - This has been updated to become more “Explorer” like with the list of folders on the left and files on the right.
Circular & Elliptical Grids - Circular and elliptical grids can be increased or decreased in size whilst designing.
Snap To - Stitches can snap to grid and/or pin points.
Curves - The ability to draw curves has been added to the Draw option, curves can be drawn using gimps, single pins and double pins.
Fill - Areas and different shapes can be filled quickly with grounds, either pins, rose ground or honeycomb.
Tally Size - Tally size can be altered as required, it is possible to have Tallies at different sizes in one design.
Gimp Thickness - The Gimp thickness on screen and printout can be changed independently.
Show/Hide Stitch Types - Different stitch types can be shown independently of each other.
Annotations - Ability to add text/labels to a design which can give information on fill styles for example.
Motifs - Motifs are stored in a library for easy use, new motifs can be added to the library and stored in different categories which can be changed as required.
Motif Pad - Motifs that have just been used are stored on the motif pad on the right of the screen for quick access.
Remove Colour - All gimps of the current colour will be removed from the design if this option is used.
Zoom Back/Forward - The program remembers previous zoom levels, this makes swapping between different views easy.
Toggle Full Screen - The design can be edited in full screen, this gives more design area without any space taken up by menus, palettes etc.
Rotate/Reflect Backdrop - Backdrops can now be rotated in multiples of 900, they can be reflected if required.
Reduce Lace Stitch Memory - This option will check the design and remove any unnecessary lace stitches, for example lines that overlap each other, this can speed up redrawing of designs.
Pricking Chart - Print the pins only to give a pricking chart.
Printing - Print designs at any size.

Easy Lace offers the following grid types:
6 Section Hexagon
Pointed Bookmark