Easy Knit

With Easy Knit, you can create your own illustrated garments right on your PC.
With templates built in for common garment shapes, you can design on screen and wee just what you will end up with.
You can even import photographs and turn them into knitted cardigans, jumpers, where your images become stocking stitch…

You can change the sizes to suit the wearer, and see the instructions generated in seconds.

Check out the screen shots and examples below for ideas.

Suitable for all version of Windows from Windows 98 to Windows 7



Easy Knit is a quick and easy way to lay out a garment design.




Download the manual here:

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Download a demo version here:


If you have Vista or Windows 7, and want to use ‘Help’, you will need to use THIS LINK to install the WinHlp32.Exe program.

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knit4 Garments - Design your own jumpers, cardigans and vests with ease.
knit4 Sizing - Select from the built-in sizes for babies, children, women and men.
knit4 Profiles - Create and save your own measurement profiles for later use - i.e. save measurements for friends and family.
knit4 Measurements - Alter 15 different measurements including chest, waist, hip, arm length.
knit4 Fit - Choose to have the fitting of the garment loose or tight.
knit4 Body Shape - Select the required body shape from straight or fitted.
knit4 Shoulders - Use shoulder shaping and saddle shoulders if required.
knit4 Components - Select from a variety of different components such as sleeves, collars, pockets etc.
knit4 Instructions - Knitting instructions automatically generated by the software using the supplied measurements.
knit4 Tension square - Ability to change the tension square.
knit4 Design panels - Add a design to the panel of the garment using the rectangular grid design mode.
knit4 Convert - Photographs and clipart can be converted into picture knit designs matching to the chosen wool charts, resulting in a chart ready to use.
knit4 Scanning - Images can be directly scanned into Easy Knit and supports 72 file formats including TIFF, BMP, JPEG and WMF.
knit4 Standard editing features - Use standard editing features such as copy, move, cut, paste, flip, mirror, rotate, centre in area, scale up and scale down areas to aid easy design.
knit4 Shapes - Numerous shapes can be added to the design including lines, arcs, ellipses, rectangles, stars and curves which can be filled as well.
knit4 Edit Area - Edit area option will allow changes to occur only in a desired area.
knit4 Auto Repeat - Auto Repeat option which will repeat edits reflected across, down or rotated.
knit4 Automatic Shading - Use this option to add some depth to the design, choose one of the effects or move the light source to give the required effect.
knit4 Flood Fill - Flood Fill fills areas of the design quickly.
knit4 Tools - Designs can be cropped, extended, have rows and columns inserted or deleted, rotated, reflected, scaled or centred.
knit4 Extending - Automatic extension of the grid when placing areas which are too large.
knit4 Knitted view - Designs can be viewed and printed in different ways including an actual knitted view.
knit4 Printout - The size of squares on the printout can be set to produce larger easy to read charts with tiling when printing designs over several pages.
knit4 Motifs - Use the motifs from the supplied library along with the ability to add your own.
knit4 True Type Fonts - Text can be added quickly and easily to your design by using True Type fonts.
knit4 Embroidery - Ability to add embroidery to a design which can be placed anywhere.
knit4 Show - Show gives details of yarn usage for each colour.
knit4 Pattern Library - User expandable pattern library which can be used to fill areas of the design.
knit4 Pattern Line - Handy Pattern Line feature aids quick placement of a pattern band across a garment.
knit4 Preview - Once the design has been created for the front, back or sleeves, a preview of it shown in the garment windows.
knit4 Design Area - The program automatically generates a design area with the correct shape and number of stitches.
knit4 Wool Charts - Numerous wool charts are included, along with the ability to edit the existing charts and add new colours.
knit4 Motifs - The program is supplied with over 1000 motifs.