Design Features

crosb075 Design Colours
The palette can have up to 255 colours at one time, which can be chosen from the DMC, Anchor and Madeira chart approximations. Other manufacturers charts are available, see further information about modules.
The number of colours used within a design are shown by a white box on the colour in the palette, which makes them easily identifiable. Also a count of the number of colours used is given on the status bar.
Colour names and descriptions are given for all the colour charts, these can be altered as required.
Palettes can be sorted by number, name, manufacturer chart, frequency of use or by dragging the colours around for your own order.
Palettes can be set to contain your own preferences in colours and fabric colour, which can then be saved and used as required. Also the default palette can be set to your choice. Unused or unwanted colours can be removed from the palettes.
The colour charts are user expandable, so you can add any new colours that are released.
Show option gives information about the design including stitch count and design area for definable fabric counts, along with an approximate thread usage, length given in inches or centimetres.
crosb075 Design Size
The size of a design is unlimited, even a design of 2000 x 2000 can be produced. There is the grid reference that locates the position of the mouse on the grid. Please note that when working on a large design, the speed of the program may be affected by the amount of memory available.
crosb075 Stitch Types
A full range of stitch types is offered which consists of full, three quarter, half & quarter stitches; single or double backstitch and French knots.
crosb075 Status Bar
Current palette colour along with its description is given on the status bar, also given is information about the colour under the mouse and instructions for the current option.
crosb075 Design Display
The design grid can be turned off or on to improve the view. The Zoom and Pan facilities give the optimum view required and allow movement around the design whilst editing. Also you can switch between several active designs, and tiling and cascading the designs is possible.
Rulers are given at the top and to the left of the design area, which will help when placing areas. The rulers can be displayed in terms of stitches, centimetres or inches, to suit your preference. The position of the mouse is also marked on the ruler as a light grey line.
Guides can be added to the design to make it easier when aligning areas in the design
The units of measurement used within the program can be set to either imperial or metric.

The centre of the design is shown on the rulers.
The fabric and grid colour can be altered, also the on-screen backstitch thickness can be changed. The number of squares between the darker grid lines can be altered.
The design and palette can be displayed in various modes, including colour blocks; black & white symbols; colour symbols or colour blocks with black & white symbols.

crosb075 Configurable Toolbars
Ability to decide which options appear on the toolbar, have easy access to your most commonly used options.
crosb075 Browse
Browse through your stored designs, this will help to make selection easier.
Browse has an explorer style folder list on the same dialog to make changing folders easier.
Browse allows more than one file to be opened at once and a warning will be given if there is a design which is already open.
crosb075 New
Size a new design in either stitches, inches or centimetres.


Editing Facilities

crosb075 Template
Give common card dimensions along with the aperture ready to design on, the template used will be given in Show. There is also the ability to define your own templates. The measurements can be set in inches or centimetres.
Ability to view and print your design in a coloured template.
crosb075 Convert Images
Converts images such as clipart into cross stitch designs, 72 file formats are supported including TIFF, BMP, JPEG & Kodak CD.
Direct scanning allows photographs to be converted into cross stitch designs matching to a specific thread chart giving colour numbers and symbols.
crosb075 Adjust Images
View the image before conversion and make any adjustments like brightness, contrast, sharpen and de-speckle.
There is a preview of the final design making it simpler to see how changing settings affects the final result.
Set the size of the cross stitch design in squares, inches or centimetres.
As well as matching to a thread chart, it is possible to match to multiple charts and palettes.
Set the number of colours or let the program choose a sensible number and set colours which are important.
When converting an image it can be used as a backdrop, so designing can be carried out on top of it.
There is the ability for automatic alignment of scanned charts.
Randomise, Clone, Flood Fill which fills shades between selected colours, ability to reduce number of colours and removal of lone stitches all help when editing a converted image.
crosb075 Standard Editing Features
Copy, move, cut, paste, flip, mirror, rotate, centre in area, scale up and scale down areas.
crosb075 Select Stitch Types to Copy
Ability to copy/move backstitch or cross stitch only. For example a useful way of removing all the backstitch from a design by using the Cut option. The current settings are shown on the screen.
crosb075 Pick Stitch Type
Pick a stitch type, or stitch type and colour, from the design. This can speed up the selection of required stitches when editing.
crosb075 Colours
Change or delete a colour of cross stitch, backstitch or both within a design.
crosb075 Edit Area
The edit area option will allow changes to occur only in a desired area. So a colour can be changed in one area but will remain untouched in the rest of the design.
Irregular shape allows intricate areas to be copied, moved or when using Edit Area.
crosb075 Flood Fill
Flood fill enables areas to be filled quickly, it recognises cross stitch, as well as template guide lines. There is an optional option which will automatically fills shades between selected colours.
crosb075 Smooth Stitches
Adds three quarter stitches to help remove step effects.
crosb075 Backstitch
Change or delete sections of backstitch, adjust a backstitch line after placing and delete/select backstitch lines using any point along the line.
Automatically generate backstitch outlines between or around colours, it is possible to outline around all colour changes in a specified area.
Remove any duplicated backstitch, this can reduce the memory usage.
crosb075 Wizards
Wizards guide you through the process of converting an image or printing a design.
crosb075 Shapes
Numerous shapes can be added to the design using cross stitch, backstitch or half stitch and can be filled as well.
crosb075 Designs
Existing designs or picture files can be easily inserted into the current design.
crosb075 Motifs
Motifs can be saved then used as required or use the ones supplied with the program, they can be used to make Motif Borders.
crosb075 Library
Motifs are stored in a library which can be browsed for the required motif.
crosb075 Text
There is a preview on the text dialog which shows how the text will look, also there is a hot key that will allow changes to be made.
crosb075 True Type Fonts
True Type fonts can be used to add text to a design, the text can have three quarter stitches to smooth the edges or have a backstitch outline.
crosb075 Text
Use the built-in cross stitch and backstitch fonts as another way of adding text to a design.
crosb075 Thread Conversion
Create a design in DMC then convert into Anchor and Madeira threads or vice versa.
crosb075 Fabric Charts
Aida fabric colours can be chosen from Zweigart, Fabric Flair and Frank Stone Aida range.
crosb075 Fractional Stitches when Scaling
When scaling there is an option which allows fractional stitches to be used.
crosb075 Symbols
There are several hundred available symbols, the cross stitch and backstitch symbols are automatically assigned according to the darkness of the colour.
crosb075 Charts
Alter any of the colours in the thread or fabric charts as required.
crosb075 Zoom Levels
Flexible zoom levels include full view and ability to pan around design.
crosb075 View Level
Select the previous or next view area.
crosb075 Flexible grid settings
Turn grid on and off; set the spacing between the darker grid lines and colour of the grid lines.
crosb075 Stitched View
Designs can be displayed and printed to give the appearance of the final stitched design, with variegated threads shown as variegated.

crosb075 Tools
Designs can be cropped, extended, have rows and columns inserted or deleted, rotated, reflected, scaled or centred.
crosb075 Extending
Automatic extension of the grid when placing areas which are too large.
crosb075 Insert/delete areas from within the design
Extra rows and columns can be inserted or deleted within the design.
crosb075 Show
Show gives information about the design such as stitch count and design area, the fabric count can be altered as required.
crosb075 Automatic Backup
Saves a backup of your work in case your machine crashes and an optional reminder to save your work.
crosb075 Undo
Undo facility gives the ability to undo up to 100 of the last options used, redo will repeat the option which has been undone.
crosb075 Scale
A design can be increased or reduced in size whilst editing. Also areas of the design can be scaled whilst copying and moving.
crosb075 Redo
After using the Undo option, Redo will repeat the option which has been undone. This helps to go back after changes have been made.
crosb075 Active Designs
Switch between several active designs which can be tiled, cascaded or view all of them.
crosb075 Help
On-line help gives information on the features.
crosb075 Includes 429 motifs and 20 designs


Printing Features

crosb075 Print
Designs can be printed directly from the Browse option using the previously saved information.
crosb075 Print Preview
Preview the design before printing.
crosb075 Printing
Designs can be printed with or without key; design information can be added; tiling for larger designs; change margins and line thickness as required.
crosb075 Print Stitch Display
Various stitch displays are available for cross stitch and backstitch.
crosb075 Key
A design can be printed with or without grid and key. The key lists the colours used in the design with user definable names and symbols for each colour.
crosb075 Stitch Output
Printouts can be in black & white symbols, colour blocks, colour symbols or colour with black & white symbols; with optional centre arrows.
crosb075 Fabric Simulation
The design can be printed to give the appearance of the final stitched design.
crosb075 Design Information
Information such as design title, stitch count, design area, notes, copyright and designer can be added to the printouts.
crosb075 Printout Size/Tiling
The size of the squares on the printout can be set to produce larger easy to read charts. Automatic tiling will print designs over several pages with optional overlaps. When more than one page is printed a guide is given showing the order.
crosb075 Line Thicknesses
The thickness of the grid and backstitch can be altered and the print margin can be set to improve print layout.
crosb075 Centring the Printout
The design can be centred on the printout, including when tiling.
crosb075 Backstitch Styles
Different methods of printing backstitch such as black solid, white solid, black pattern or white pattern, this can make the backstitch stand out on different colour backgrounds.