Easy Cross Enterprise has all the features of Easy Cross and deLuxe, PLUS:

Design Features

crosb075 Built-in Design Database
Database to keep track of your designs with the ability to search your directories for files matching a specific criteria for example all the files that contains the word house in the Design Title.
crosb075 Thread Stock
Database to keep track of your thread stock with the ability to book out threads which will warn if any of the stock goes below a specified level.
crosb075 Stitches
Enterprise offers extra stitches like Full Stitch over 1 (Petit point) and Vertical Half Stitch.
crosb075 Beads
Use beads in a design chosen from Mill Hill and Beadesign charts.
crosb075 Print thumbnails of designs
Designs can be printed as a series of thumbnails which can act as a catalogue of your designs, as well as saving the thumbnails as a bitmap file.
crosb075 To Do list
Which can be used to leave notes on what is left to do on your designs.
crosb075 Settings
With a group of Print or Conversion Settings that you are happy, they can be saved for later use.
crosb075 Batch Process
Selected options can be run on several files at one time for example printing, creating chart approximations and converting.
crosb075 Browse
Ability to Copy, Move and Delete designs from the Browse options, as well as the ability to Print the thumbnails of the designs which can act as a catalogue. 
crosb075 Thread Usage
There are extra values that can be set when calculating the amount of thread used in a design, for example how much thread is used to start/stop stitching, the distance between individual stitches and whether the backstitch is done in the running or backstitch style.

Editing Facilities

crosb075 Page Layout
offers desktop publisher features that can be used to create your own literature.

Several copies of the same design in different styles can be added to a layout.
Add text to give extra instructions or a price list along with the ability to insert documents from other OLE programs like Word.
Alignment tools give extra control when lining up and spacing the different areas.
Images can be added to the design which means that logos and pictures can be added.
The areas can be placed anywhere, drag around to reposition and resize them as required.
Page Layout files can be saved as templates ready for use with other designs.
Place a tiled design in a Page Layout, this means that a company logo or information can be added to each page.
crosb075 Thread Sorter Cards
Symbols and colours automatically generated from the design.
Print out one card or repeat to use up the whole page.
Add Header, Footer or Vertical Text using different fonts if required.
Optional marks to help when punching holes.
Images can be added to the design which means that company logos can be added.
Save settings for later use by just changing the design used.
crosb075 True Type Text
Petit point can be used instead of full stitch when adding True Type Text to a design.

Printing Features

crosb075 Symbols
Ability to set the colours of the symbols which can be useful in preventing photocopying, or just make the chart easier to read.
crosb075 Thread sorter cards
Design and print your own thread organisers - symbols and colours automatically generated from the design.
crosb075 Print to file
Print designs to Bitmap or TIFF files which will allow you to distribute your designs without the need for Easy Cross.
crosb075 Postscript output
Ability to have an output format suitable for publishers.