Easy Cross Deluxe has all the features of Easy Cross, PLUS:

Design Features

crosb075 Thread Charts
39 thread charts including Metallics, Tapestry yarn and Kreinik blending filaments.
crosb075  Personal Thread Charts
If you have more than 255 colours in your thread box, you can set up your own colour chart which can contain colours from more than one manufacturer.
crosb075 Strands
Change the number of strands used for stitches, the Thread Usage will use this when calculating usage.
crosb075 Charts
Colours in the Thread and Fabric charts can be altered if required, add new colours as manufacturers release them.
crosb075 Sorting
Palettes can be sorted by number, name, manufacturer chart, frequency of use or by dragging the colours around for your own order.
crosb075 Thread Charts/ Symbols
Specific symbols can be assigned to a colour in the thread chart, so the colour will always use the same symbol in every design.
crosb075 Motif Pad
Motif Pad to the right of the design can store motifs being currently used or ones selected from the browser, along with the ability to remove individual motifs.
crosb075 Blend Colours
Add blended colours made from 3 strands i.e. 2 stranded threads with a metallic, the threads can be taken from thread charts.
crosb075 Blend Colours/ Display
In the stitched view the blends are shown as different threads not an average.
crosb075 Colour Schemes
A design can be seen in several colour schemes i.e. pink for a girl, blue for a boy within one design. The ability to see the design in the other manufacturer conversions to check that the colours look sensible.
crosb075 Colour Conversion
The conversion tables used when converting colours to other manufacturer threads can be altered to your preference and there is a preview of the colours.
crosb075 Show/Hide Colours
Allows colours or stitch types to be faded or made invisible which makes other stitches stand out.
crosb075 Show/ Thread Usage
Thread Usage can be given in terms of specified lengths and the appearance of the Thread Usage Output is configurable.
crosb075 Full Screen
Full Screen removes the palette, menus and toolbars but still allows editing to be carried out.

Editing Facilities

crosb075 OLE Compatible
Easy Cross designs can be embedded into other programs, so the word processing tools can be used to add instructions.
crosb075 Convert Area
Ability to select an area of the image to convert, useful if the background of the photo isn’t wanted.
crosb075 Blend Colours/Converting
Use blended threads to give a better choice when converting.
crosb075 Backdrop
When converting an area of the image it is possible to have the image as a backdrop as well.
crosb075 Spray Backdrop
When there is an image in the backdrop, spray backdrop stitches with a colour from the palette or by adding an appropriate one from the thread chart.
crosb075 Reconvert
Go back and change the conversion settings through the Reconvert option, this will save time especially if the image was taken directly from the scanner.
crosb075 Merge Conversions
Take two converted designs and merge bits from one to the other.
crosb075 Rotate by Any Angle
Rotate areas by any angle.
crosb075 Transform
Rotate areas to any angle without distorting them or change the size whilst rotating, it is possible to see the areas whilst rotating.
crosb075 Modify Colours
Change the colours of an area before placing.
crosb075 Auto Repeat
Auto Repeat option which will repeat edits reflected across, down or rotated.
crosb075 Stitch Type
Change one stitch type to another within a designated area.
crosb075 Backstitch Outline
Automatically generate backstitch outlines between or around colours, it is possible to outline around all colour changes in a specified area.
crosb075 Flood Fill
Flood fill enables areas to be filled quickly, it recognises both cross stitch and backstitch.
crosb075 Fill Shapes
There is the ability to set the fill style to solid colour, use motifs or the clipboard.
crosb075 Fill Styles Library
Build up a library of your Fill Styles and there is a preview which allows the styles to be viewed when selecting.
crosb075 Automatic Shading
Use this option to add some depth to the design, choose one of the effects or move the light source to give the required effect.
crosb075 Shapes
Create and use your own shapes for the draw & draw filled shape options along with Motif Border.
crosb075 Backstitch Outline
Automatically generate backstitch outlines between or around colours, it is possible to outline around all colour changes in a specified area.
crosb075 Change Stitches
Edits can be carried out on all stitches of a particular type.
crosb075 Reduce Backstitch Memory
This option will remove any duplicated back stitch and convert back stitch in a line into one line. This can reduce the memory usage and disk space of designs containing back stitch.
crosb075 Motif Thumbnails
Print Motif Thumbnails which can be used to create a catalogue.
crosb075 Motif Border Settings
Alter the spacing between motifs when drawing a Motif Border.
crosb075 Text Transformations
Ability to transform True Type Text into various shapes, there are several built-in shapes or a general shape which you can change as required.
crosb075 Text Styles
Ability to apply different styles, i.e. stripes, shading or use a fill style when adding cross stitch and true type text to a design.
crosb075 Cross Stitch Fonts
There is the ability to use and create your own library of cross stitch fonts. These fonts can be in cross stitch, backstitch and in several colours. The Font Editor gives an enhanced method of designing cross stitch fonts.
crosb075 Generate Borders
Use the Repeats to easily create square, rectangle, circle and ellipse borders.
crosb075 Borders/ Sizing
The size of a border can be set to a specified number of repeats or can be scaled as required, the program will fit the repeats to stop large gaps.
crosb075 Borders/ Flexibility
Added features lead to extra flexibility when creating borders such as being able to flip repeats independently.
crosb075 Borders and Repeats
Save borders that you have generated for later use, along with the ability to save repeats.
crosb075 Objects
Objects allow re-positioning of areas once they have been placed, areas can be fixed as stitches once finished to save memory or all objects can be turned off as required.
crosb075 Objects/ Text
Objects can be used to adjust the spacing between letters, alter the font or what has been typed and resizing True Type Text after placing.
crosb075 Objects/Alignment Tools
Objects can be aligned to the top, bottom, left and right as well as centring vertically and horizontally.
crosb075 Framing
Select a frame from the library to get a completed view of a design, extra frames can be added to the library.
crosb075 Mounts
Show and print coloured mount to a design with a square, rectangular, circular or elliptical aperture.
crosb075 Annotations
Add text, arrows and lines onto the design.
crosb075 Quick Key
A Quick Key is a shortened key which can be placed anywhere on the grid.
crosb075 Annotations/ Copy/Move Settings
Copy/Move Settings can be set to copy or move Annotations with or without cross stitch and backstitch.
crosb075 Files
Use the built-in backup program to keep copies of your work.
crosb075 Change Stitches
Ability to change all of one stitch type to another, useful to change a design with part stitches to one with full stitches.
crosb075 Backstitch
Remove any duplicated backstitch, this can reduce the memory usage.
crosb075 Stitch Type
Use this option to change the description used for the cross stitch, for example change a design to Tent Stitch or Petit Point in the key.
crosb075 Type of Design
If you have any of the modules, this option gives the ability to change from a cross stitch to another module for example Hardanger which will give the Hardanger tools.


Printing Features

crosb075 Printing
Selected colours, stitch types or areas can be printed.
crosb075 Printing/Tiling
Layout of Design Pages can show the whole design layout with page numbering showing how they will be printed off.
crosb075 Print Layout
Select a different print layout for the design by selecting one of built-in layouts, including A3 layouts.
crosb075 Thread Organiser
Create and print simple thread sorter cards.
crosb075 Printout Colour
The colour of the printout can be changed to make the chart easier to read.
crosb075 Key layout
Keys can be changed to be longer, more descriptive or split into columns as required.
crosb075 Key
Abbreviated key can be placed on each design page, half stitches can be listed separately, the Line Spacing of the key can be altered and the Thread Usage information can be added to the key. 
crosb075 Centre Marks
A choice of which centre marks you wish to be used.
crosb075 Stitch Display
Extra printout styles of Light Colour Blocks As Symbols, Colour Blocks next to the symbols in the key or show the symbols in the key in a box.
crosb075 Printout
Adjust the size of the symbols used and change the colour of the overlap when tiling.
crosb075 Grid Lines
Print the number of grid lines in 10s, change the grid line weights to improve readability of chart.
crosb075 True Type Fonts as Symbols
Ability to use True Type fonts as symbols.
crosb075 Symbol Editor
The symbol editor allows you to create your own symbols, also existing symbols can be altered to give the desired effect i.e. bolder symbols.
crosb075 Symbol Files
The program supports multiple symbol files which can be swapped over as required.