Suitable for all version of Windows from Windows 98 to Windows 7

Easy bead allows you to design and layout bead designs, on a selection of bead layouts.
It ships with a comprehensive selection of commonly available bead colors, such as Mill Hill beads.


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Adobe Acrobat Professional

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If you have Vista or Windows 7, and want to use ‘Help’, you will need to use THIS LINK to install the WinHlp32.Exe program.

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Grids - Choose the grid style from peyote, brick, square, two drop peyote, two drop brick, three drop peyote and three drop brick.
Bead Colours - The palette can have up to 255 colours at one time, which can be chosen from the Mill Hill, Beadesign and DMC chart approximations. 
Colour Descriptions - Colour names and descriptions are given for all the colour charts, these can be altered as required.
Used Colours - The number of colours used within a design are shown by a white box on the colour in the palette, which makes them easily identifiable. Also a count of the number of colours used is given on the status bar.
Palettes - Add your chosen colours to a palette and save it for later use; unused colours can be removed.
Bead Display - The design and palette can be displayed in various modes, including colour blocks; black & white symbols; colour symbols, colour blocks with black & white symbols. or beads.
Convert images -  Converts images such as clipart into bead designs, 72 file formats are supported including TIFF, BMP, JPEG & Kodak CD. Images can be directly converted to any of the grid styles.
Scanning -  Direct scanning (with compatible scanners) allows photographs to be converted into bead designs matching to a specific bead chart giving colour numbers and symbols.
Sizing -  Set the size of the beadwork design in beads, inches or centimetres.
Adjust images -  View the image before conversion and make any adjustments such as brightness, contrast, sharpen and de-speckle.
Preview -  There is a preview of the final design making it simpler to see how changing settings affects the final result before completing the process.
Backdrop -  When converting an image it can be used as a backdrop, so designing can be carried out on top of it.
Editing Features - Copy, move, cut, paste, flip, mirror and rotate. When copying between different grid styles the program automatically adjusts the beads.
Edit Area - The edit area option will allow changes to occur only in a desired area. So a colour can be changed in one area but will remain untouched in the rest of the design.
Irregular shape - Irregular shape allows intricate areas to be copied, moved or when using Edit Area.
Flood Fill - Flood fill enables areas to be filled quickly.
Shapes - Numerous shapes can be added to the design and can be filled as well.
Designs - Existing designs or picture files can be easily inserted into the current design.
Motifs - Motifs can be saved then used as required or use the ones supplied with the program, they can be used to make Motif Borders.
Library - Motifs are stored in a library which can be browsed for the required motif.
Motif pad - Motifs that have just been used are stored on the motif pad on the right of the screen for quick access.
Symbols - There are several hundred available symbols, that are automatically assigned according to the darkness of the colour.
Tools - Designs can be cropped, extended, have rows and columns inserted or deleted, rotated, reflected, scaled or centred.
Extending - Automatic extension of the grid when placing areas which are too large.
Show - Show gives information about the design such as bead count and design area.
Automatic Backup - Saves a backup of your work in case your machine crashes and an optional reminder to save your work.
Undo - Undo facility gives the ability to undo up to 100 of the last options used, redo will repeat the option which has been undone.
Printing - Designs can be printed with or without key; design information can be added and change margins.
Bead Printing - Beads can be printed in various modes including colour blocks, beads and black & white symbols.
Design Information - Information such as design title, stitch count, design area, notes, copyright and designer can be added to the printouts.
Enlarge Grid - The size of the grid can be enlarged independently of the size of the beads to make reading the chart easier.