Easy Software Cross Stitch and more

The ‘Easy’ range of craft software for Windows aims to give you more features for your money.  They have been developed in close collaboration with existing users, helping the programs become everything a designer would need. A professional package at a reasonable price. In the cross stitch line, Easy Cross comes in a range of abilities and prices to suit every pocket. Click on a product image below, or choose a link from the side of this page, to learn more about the software! What we have to offer:
Easy Cross - Cross Stitch Design Software for all abilities pasted-graphic

Turbo Cross - Machine Embroidery at a great price!


Easy Knit - for designing garments, including adding imagery

The 'Easy' Range of software is designed for Microsoft Windows,
and should work with all variations from 98 to Windows 7/8 (using compatibility mode) but not Windows 10 64bit.

If you own a Mac, you can run these using VMWare or Parallels, or Crossover


If you own a Mac and
don’t want to use emulation, why not check out MacStitch by Ursa Software?